Very Dangerous Storm and Severe Weather are Happening Now! Sign of The Times — The Northeast U.S. braced for a winter blast of snow and strong winds that could take the title of biggest storm of the season from one that dumped up to 19 inches of snow just days ago.

Winter storm warnings were in effect from upstate New York to Maine, where blizzard conditions and 2 feet of snow are possible. The National Weather Service says up to 19 inches of snow could fall in Boston through Monday, while Connecticut and Rhode Island could see a mix of snow, sleet and rain of more than 6 inches.

Winter storm warnings were in effect from upstate New York to Maine. Blizzard conditions and up to 2 feet of snow were possible. Nearly all flights in and out of the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire have been canceled.

A heavy snowstorm stranded nearly 100 vehicles in East Ujimqin Banner, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Friday morning, after lasting for over 36 hours.

The local temperature dropped to under minus 20 degree Celsius due to the snowstorm since it fell on Wednesday and piled many roads with thick dense snow.

Severe weather caused several problems across Oahu. A cold front brought wind and rain to the islands as it continues to sweep through much of the state, causing damage and even injuries on Oahu. A large tent — measuring about 40-by-100 feet — collapsed on the Great Lawn of Kapiolani Community College around 11:30 a.m. during a science and engineering fair put on by the Board of Education.

A torrential rainstorm turned a small creek bed into a roaring river trapping a father and daughter on the roof of their car before authorities performed a dramatic rescue.

With another storm on the way neighbors want the city to fix the problem. They say this isn’t the first time cars have been trapped in this wash. It’s been happening here for years and the question is what can be done about this and who’s going to pay for it?

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