Extreme Events and Signs of Increasing Wickedness in the World — An Indian military operation to flush out militants in the Bandipora district of Indian-controlled Kashmir leaves three Indian soldiers and one militant dead.

Every year, Iran commemorates the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic Revolution with massive, nationwide rallies and speeches blasting Israel and the United States. This year was no exception, although the U.S. president was targeted by even more scathing rhetoric than usual. Demonstrators in Tehran and in similar rallies across the country gathered to protest Donald Trump and swear allegiance to the Islamic republic’s extremist clerical establishment.

Two senior police officers were among those who lost their lives by a suspected suicide bomb attack in the Pakistani city of Lahore. The blast on Monday ripped through a crowd of people who had gathered for a protest by chemists and pharmaceutical manufacturers outside the provincial assembly on Mall Road, Lahore’s grand Raj-era thoroughfare. Some reports put the death toll nearer 20, with at least six police, including two senior officers, said to be among those killed.

Pro and anti-abortion campaigners have been facing off in the US. Those against want Congress and Donald Trump to strip the Planned Parenthood women’s health organisation of federal funding. It provides abortion services at hundreds of centres. But pro-abortion activists want funding to continue. About a dozen anti-abortion protesters also turned out in the city, holding signs with slogans like “Unborn Lives Matter”.

A large sinkhole opened beneath a car in East Oakland. Christin Ayers reports.

Flights have resumed at Hamburg’s airport in Germany after more than 50 people were sickened by unknown fumes.

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