A windstorm destroyed three historic trees planted at the California Capitol about 120 years ago. Rain, wind, hail and backed up storm drains led to severe damage in cities like Seal Beach, Irvine and Laguna Beach. The heavy rains and winds caused many trees and power lines to fall Sunday morning leaving thousands without power.

A powerful storm system plowed up the U.S. Eastern seaboard with torrential showers and high winds on Monday, hindering airline and rail travel, many in mobile homes demolished by tornadoes.

South Georgia has experienced ongoing severe weather since earlier this month, with debris and destruction continuing to pile up. An astounding number of homes and businesses have been destroyed, and families remain displaced in desperate need of help.

The storms that ravaged the region overnight Saturday into Sunday left at least 18 people who lost their lives, including 14 in Georgia. Authorities did not release names of victims on Sunday.

The storm, which unleashed deadly twisters in Mississippi and Georgia over the weekend, turned cooler as it advanced on the Northeast, where residents faced potential flooding, downed power lines and high surf late on Monday and early Tuesday, said Tim Morrin, the National Weather Service’s New York observation program leader.

By Tuesday afternoon, the icy conditions were no match for traffic trying to pass through the gorge on I-84. Almost half a dozen semi-trucks jacked knifed and several other vehicles including a truck with a trailer slide off the side of the road. ODOT announced Wednesday morning they expected this stretch of I-84 between Troutdale and Hood River to remain closed all day.

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