This is unbelievable acts of wickedness done using hypnotism! Acts of Wickedness in any kind are easily done using this scheme. This is the result of increasing sins of the world happening in the end times. Many or, if not, most of the people in the world are already going towards a different direction outside of the will of God. Any anything outside of the will of God will always result in committing sin.

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Authorities say a disturbing new video shows how an Ohio divorce attorney – who is now behind bars – hypnotized clients and took advantage of them.

In the newly-released video, investigators said Michael Fine, 59, put the woman into a trance without her knowledge or consent by saying it was just a breathing exercise.

“Let’s take a deep breath,” Fine said as he allegedly uses his hypnosis to make the woman walk over to the couch, where he initiates a sexual encounter.

“Every time I say the word pleasure, you cannot constrain or hold yourself back, your entire body is a vessel of pleasure. Each time I say the word sleep, you’re gonna go deeper and deeper, ten times deeper. One, two, three, sleep … one, two, three sleep,” Fine says in the video.”

One victim of an Ohio divorce attorney who was convicted in 2014 of hypnotizing and then molesting his clients spoke out in an interview with “GMA” that aired recently.

“He ruined a lot of peoples’ lives,” the woman, who wished to be identified only by her first name, Melissia, said. “He ruined a lot of self-worth that some of us had. It’s gone.”

Melissia’s interview comes as authorities released shocking, under-cover video that captures Michael Fine as he attempts to hypnotize and take advantage of another female client.

After a few minutes, Fine wakes her out of her “trance” and begins discussing papers they need to “go over.” A few seconds later, police enter the room and arrest Fine. He was arrested after local authorities sent hidden cameras into Fine’s office with one of his clients as part of a sting operation.

Bible Verses for Today: 1 Corinthians 6:18
Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sins against his own body.

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